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I grew up in a family where flowers have always been a critical part in celebrations, from weddings to new years and from graduations to birthdays. My childhood memories of sincere happiness were always associated with flowers.  Hence, I always buy all kinds of flowers to decorate my home to not only gratify myself but also enhance my knowledge about the flowers.


I created this flower series to share the beauty, love and happiness that these wonderful plants can spread and convey my interpretation of these magic and colorful plants that have been one of the centerpieces of my life.


I like to place my flowers under sunlight or lamplight where flowers could be given more liveliness and energy. Also, the flower petals show different colors when under different lightings. I love to play around with different lightings when setting up the flowers, using natural light from the outside window to create a cool light or leveraging a light bulb to set up a warm light. Sometimes, I use both natural and artificial lightings to create a dramatic and balanced contrast.


Flowers almost always wither and fall quickly and their transitory nature and beauty make them deserve more attention and care. I tend to spend time to render details on each petal as carefully as if I am touching and feeling the real flower. And I like to use vivid colors to represent the beauty of flowers.

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